“Goat Eschatologies” up at Strange Horizons

November 19, 2007 at 8:49 pm (Stories online)

Goat Eschatologies” is now up at Strange Horizons.  I’m fairly proud of this story, even though the ending has irritated more than one reader in the past.  It’s about as close to mainstream writing as I get these days, not that that’s a problem.

What’s odd about it is that it was one of those stories that came from a title — and then the title got changed.  I don’t have much luck with titles; either they end up kind of bland or they’re skating on the edge of too cute.  This story began life as “Pre-Apocalypse Sale on Cheese,”and while I held on to the title for a while, one of the editors finally pointed out that it set the wrong tone for the story.  She was right — the old title implied more of the wacky than the story really delivers, and I’d been sticking with it out of sentiment.

I’m still happy with the new title, and with the story as a whole.  Hope you enjoy it — and remember to donate to Strange Horizons if you do!

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