*blink blink*

June 23, 2008 at 6:47 am (Teapot!, Writing work)

Wow.  It’s after Midsummer.  How did that happen?

I’ve been very lax in blogging over the last few weeks.  To be fair, I’ve been lax in everything, including sleep and social interaction.  (What is this “having a life” of which you speak?)  The first round of revisions usually does this to me, whether it’s for a short story or a novel.  Everything else recedes into the background as I try to wrangle the plot into something resembling a story.  

I’m hoping to post more after this week — on Wiscon, which was fantastic, on what I’ve been reading, and on pinging one’s id.  However, I do want to mention that I’ll be discontinuing the Friday Teapot Blogging, mainly because it’s unusual for me to be on this blog more than once a week in the first place.  And, for that matter, when one’s faced with the apotheosis of teapot blogging, it seems a little redundant to continue.

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