Arisia again

January 19, 2009 at 3:53 pm (Cons)

Arisia was fantastic.  I heard some beautiful readings (arrived too late for one, drat), got to listen to or even participate in some interesting discussions, saw friends, finally met people I’d been meaning to meet for some time, had chocolate, gave blood, and overall had a great time.

Arisia was the first real con I ever attended, and so I think I’ll always have a soft spot for it.  And even though the current hotel has its, erm, quirks (I didn’t use the elevator once! and now my knees hate the rest of me), it’s very good for people-watching. I love seeing fans in elaborate costumes, identifying some and just being in awe of others, watching how we interact and laugh together.  There were an awful lot of gorgeous steampunk-esque costumes this year, something that I particularly liked since I’ve been poking at a few steampunk or gaslamp fantasy ideas lately (nothing to distract me from contracted work, but fun ideas nonetheless).

I left earlier than I probably ought to on Sunday — there were parties and panels and a dance that all sounded wonderful, but I could feel myself starting to wind down, and I know there’s a certain point past which I shouldn’t push myself.   So I headed home, where the resident organist and I made dinner and caught up on shows we’d been missing.  And in the morning there was shoveling and cinnamon rolls and edits and hot coffee.

Good weekend.  Even with the snow.


  1. Shira Lipkin said,

    It was excellent to meet you!

  2. mlronald said,

    Thank you! I’m glad we met, and I enjoyed your reading — I’m just sorry I didn’t make it to the party Sunday night.

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