Anything But the Book Week: Feed the addiction

January 23, 2009 at 8:59 am (Anything But the Book Week)

The Middleman: Caffeine is a drug, Dubbie.
Wendy: I’m holding a molecular stun cannon.
The Middleman, “The Accidental Occidental Conception”

I’ve discovered something about this “Anything But the Book Week”: Because I can’t post from my day job, I’m writing these posts first thing in the morning.  Often before I’ve had my coffee.  This doesn’t excuse the incoherence, but it may explain some of it.

I started drinking coffee soon after I got out of college.  For some reason, I’d stayed away from it all through college, even when I pulled all-nighters (usually for Williams Trivia).  And it took me some time to move from mocha-flavor-mixer-with-half-a-dozen-packets-of-creamer-dumped-in to basic coffee with milk and sugar.  But these days I have enough coffee during the week that if I go without it on the weekends, I really regret it by Sunday night. 

Do you have caffeine issues?  What’s your delivery method of choice — soda (or pop), coffee, cocoa, tea?  (I still remember some fizzy vileness called Kick that had so much caffeine in it it made my skull feel like it was contracting.)  And is it worthwhile, in the long run, for me to try to cut down on coffee given that I’ll undoubtedly come back to it the next time I have to wake up at stupid o’clock in the morning?

(Also, regarding the quote at the top of this post: if you haven’t seen The Middleman, then you ought to check it out.  Gorillas with tommy-guns!  Intergalactic boy-bands!  Trout zombies!  The Wu-Han Thumb of Death!  It’s gleefully, unselfconsciously silly, and it’s worth downloading from iTunes.)


  1. eviltwin said,

    I have noticed a sad and disturbing trend.

    The more coffee I have during the day, the more exhausted I am at night.

    This…is not good.

  2. Kirsten said,

    My caffeine delivery method of choice is soda/pop. I limit myself to one a day, because more makes me feel icky and then I can’t sleep either.

    But I discovered when I was breastfeeding that I could totally substitute caffeine-free pop for the full-on sort, and my brain barely registered the difference: I still get my sugary tasty beverage, so all’s right with the world! So if I ever decide I’m giving up on caffeine, that’s how I’ll do it (again).

    I don’t like coffee at all – sometimes the smell even makes me nauseous.

  3. 2.0 said,

    Coffee makes me feel great for about 2 hours and then I have to run to the bathroom and want to die.

  4. betsy said,

    I am a tea person. I used to be a coffee person, and I still like coffee, but somewhere along the line I became a tea person. I think it has something to do with the low-quality coffee we had in my office for a while, but I can’t be sure.

  5. mlronald said,

    Eviltwin, I suspect the same is true of me. This is…displeasing. We shall have to

    Kirsten, I think I have something similar — decaf often fools my brain just enough that I start to wake up. Plus, it satisfies the “sipping from warm beverage” need that I often have during the first few hours of work. Maybe I ought to just switch over and brace myself for the headaches.

    2.0, oh dear. That bad?

    Betsy, I can see being a tea person. I like tea, under certain circumstances (mainly social gatherings). But for some reason, coffee fills the niche for me, possibly because I add a lot of milk and sugar and tea won’t stand for that. And since my mutant power is the inability to taste bad coffee, even the disturbing ones at work won’t put me off it.

  6. kouredios said,

    “I started drinking coffee soon after I got out of college. For some reason, I’d stayed away from it all through college, even when I pulled all-nighters (usually for Williams Trivia).”

    Huh, me too. I did, however, occasionally do a half-cocoa, half-coffee thing when I was really desperate. Usually in Driscoll. Nowadays, it’s coffee with French Vanilla coffeemate, and nothing else will do.

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