Made it!

January 27, 2009 at 8:39 am (Spiral Hunt)

Whoo.  Made it.  Now the fun starts.

And by “fun,” of course, I mean “overtime at my day job for totally unrelated reasons.”  So it looks like I’ll have plenty to occupy my mind in the next couple of days without even getting into Spiral Hunt.  I’ve also been tagged for the “seven things you might not know about me” meme by the Velveteen Rabbi, so I’ll be getting to that a little later in the week, and my short story “Dragon’s-Eyes” will be coming out in Beneath Ceaseless Skies soon.  

In the meantime, My Favorite Author has been kind enough to post another author interview, as well as a review of Spiral Hunt.  I think I managed to avoid sounding like a total idiot, so I’ll count it a victory.  Thanks again to the blog-keepers there for giving me space to babble!



  1. Aubrey said,

    You never sound like an idiot! You are always so fun to interview and banter with via e-mail! I hope everyone goes out and gets your book! It is a fun read!

    • mlronald said,

      Aubrey, thank you so much — I’m so glad you liked it! I’m afraid I always get this rush of insecurity as soon as something I’ve written goes public. (I’m trying to get over it with these blog posts lately.) Thanks again for the chance to participate on your blog.

  2. Andrew Zimmerman Jones said,

    Maggie, way to go! Congratulations. I called my local Borders and they have a copy in, so I’ll be picking it up on my way home today. I probably won’t get to read it for about four weeks, as I’ve got five chapters to go on my own first book or my editor will kill me, and I still have four research books to read in addition to writing those, but it’ll now be my first book once I’m free to read for pure enjoyment!

    – Andrew Zimmerman Jones, Physics Guide

    • mlronald said,

      Hi Andrew! Thank you — and good luck with the book. (Oof. Deadlines.) Is it the physics guide you mentioned, or another work? (Or am I just being slow — it’s been a long day.)

  3. mingki said,

    Dear Margaret,

    I would like to tell you that I have just finished reading ‘Spiral Hunt’ and really, really love it!! I found your book at my local bookstore and the cover made me pick it up, then the plot along with the first couple pages had me got the book home. I hadn’t started reading right after that night, but then once I started I discovered that I could not put it down – ‘Spiral Hunt’ got me reading, wondering, guessing, spiraling and I found no rest until I reached the last page. (But even so, the possibilities of what to come in ‘Wild Hunt’ affect me still!)

    I like the whole big plot you laid for ‘Spiral Hunt’ and how you followed it neatly, cleverly and imaginatively. With the coming clues, the book seems like the jigsaw game that we the readers can mentally help Evie find out about what was happening and what was reasoning from the very start. Yet, such clues can give us the right or wrong ideas – somewhat very much like Morrigan told Evie in the end about the geis for the way it holds us!

    The imagination topped from the Celtic tales is at its best too. I especially like the way you formed Evie’s name and the secrets in it for her ability. Regrettably, I myself know little about Celtic myth and folklore, it would be much better to understand some backgrounds and get more clues. Still, it was nice to read about that, and see the connections of the names, their legends and their actions!

    I don’t know what else I should say apart from I love everything in it. And to me, ‘Spiral Hunt’ is ‘a perfect combination of clever and imaginative enigma and everything … just right combination’! I read from your blog that there will be three books together and that you are writing ‘Wild Hunt’, I have to say I cal hardly wait to grab the book and start reading it!

    Thank you for the great book!

    Ps. By the way, I have just reviewed your book, in Thai, in my blog.
    If you like, the link is below

    (I know I should write it in English. Sorry!)

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