The long-awaited return

March 6, 2009 at 6:36 am (Teapot!)

Since most of my writerly blog posts are now at the Magic District, I thought I’d start posting a few sillier things here, mainly as a way of keeping myself sane and reminding myself that there is life outside my computer screen.  (Yes, I’m aware of the paradox of using a blog for this purpose.  Shut up.)  I still lack a cat, so Friday Cat Blogging is still out of the question, and when I asked the resident organist whether I could try Friday Organist Blogging, I got one of those patient silences that usually mean “I’m going to wait until you say something intelligent.”  

So, without further ado, more frivolity for the Internet!  More Friday Teapot Blogging!


revere1This is a Paul Revere silver teapot that’s worth roughly $OHMYGODWHAT.  Despite the brain-bruising price, it is a lovely little teapot, and elegant in its simplicity.  (No, wait.  That’s how Middleman villains describe their plans.  Never mind.)  I don’t know too much about Revere’s silversmithing, but this looks like a teapot that’s held up well over the years.

Besides, I like a man who can pose for a portrait with a teapot in hand.  That takes confidence — I mean, teapots can steal a scene so easily.

I hope this has been suitably frivolous for a Friday.


  1. Auntie Lou said,

    Paul Revere bears a passing resemblance to your dad.

  2. Allegra said,

    Friday teapot blogging! Brilliant! I love it! Keep it up. 🙂

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