Wednesday Magic District

March 11, 2009 at 11:18 am (Magic District)

My Wednesday post for the Magic District is up: Just Enough Fact, in which I talk muzzily about historical details and wanting to be convinced.  Unfortunately, I’ve also got a head cold, so I don’t know if it makes much sense.  Maybe if I take some more NyQuil and stare into space a bit more it’ll all come together.


  1. Auntie Lou said,

    Hope the cold’s all over by the time of Pandemonium.

    • mlronald said,

      Me too. Heck, I hope it’s over by the time 2.0 gets here.

  2. Auntie Lou said,

    I didn’t know a visit was in the works.

    More about my Magic District comment: What continues to bug me about “The Gardens of Kyoto” is that even though I knew that the errors were there, another reader most likely wouldn’t have. So isn’t the author still guilty of passing on inaccurate information even if she’s using it as a technique?

    Obviously, this is a conversation I could be having with her, but I’m a little embarrassed to bring it up. What if she didn’t know the book within a book (which I assume is a REAL book) was inaccurate? There’s nothing she can do about it now. Besides, her book is a few years old. She must have been told already.

    As a Japan expert, I understand WHY they real book was inaccurate. It was prewar propaganda. I guess some part of me just wishes the main character had been given this insight, even in passing.

    I was serious about the Vaporub. I hated it as a kid, but it really does help you breathe without turning your brains to muck.

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