Friday teapot blogging: Willow

March 20, 2009 at 7:05 am (Uncategorized)


No heart-shaped pots today; just a plain teapot with a special pattern.

I don’t own a Blue Willow teapot, and given that I already own more teapots than I can use, I won’t be owning one in the near future.  The pattern is a standard of many porcelain makers (is there a more concise way to put that?) and it’s currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  

What makes the pattern special to me is that I associate it with my maternal grandmother, who had a set of Blue Willow china at her cabin in New Hampshire.  I think she was the one who told me the story associated with the pattern, of lovers separated and elopement and pursuit.  Even though the story seems to have no basis in actual legend, I liked having a story on my plate at every dinner.  I don’t know if she actually had a Blue Willow teapot in among the other china, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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