Belated Magic District: Motherhood in fantasy

March 25, 2009 at 6:15 pm (Magic District)

I wrote up my Magic District post last night, thought about it overnight, even dreamed of blogging (what the hell?  why can’t I have my normal zombie-bunnies dreams?), and then woke up to a dead internet connection.  Obviously the Net is toying with me.

As it is, my post is finally up: Fantasy and motherhood, in which I make a sweeping generalization and wait to be called on it.


  1. Jocelyn said,

    My personality has been completely eclipsed by motherhood. I am now a pod person. It’s true. I might re-emerge someday, but right now? I don’t really care.

    • mlronald said,

      But a pod person with excellent taste!

      So do you think that this is a reflection of how motherhood tends to take over one’s life?

  2. Jocelyn said,

    If it’s not a reflection on how motherhood takes over or an archetype . . . I think the authors are subconsciously frustrated as losing their favorite drinking buddies and gaming partners. 😉

  3. mlronald said,

    Hee. Good point.

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