Wednesday Magic District: Fooling the reader

April 8, 2009 at 7:01 am (Magic District)

This is all Margaret’s fault.  No, a different Margaret.

Because of her, I mainlined the entirety of The Middleman in short order (and that will do weird things to both one’s dreams and one’s swearing habits, let me tell you), and then downloaded all of Season 1 of Leverage off of iTunes.  So since my Magic District post this week, Fooling the reader, was originally inspired by watching too much Leverage, this is her fault.  

Blame Margaret.  No, the other…oh, God, this is going to give me a headache.


  1. Auntie Lou said,

    Hoosier Easter: Today I saw a front porch goose dressed up in a white fur cloak and bunny ears. Not exactly on topic, but the goose looked VERY surprised.

  2. mlronald said,

    I’d be surprised if I woke up wearing a white fur cloak and bunny ears, too.

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