WisCon schedule!

May 17, 2009 at 8:29 pm (Cons)

I’ll be at WisCon this coming weekend, lurching in late Thursday night.  And, as usual, I’ve gotten in over my head quite nicely:

Friday, 9 AM – 12 PM: Writer’s Workshop
I’ll be leading a small workshop session.

Friday, 1PM – 3:45 PM: Tarot Reading at the Gathering. Capitol/Wisconsin Ballroom.
Short tarot readings for fun and entertainment.  (Pretty much what it says on the tin.)

Friday, 4PM – 5:15 PM: Forces Beyond Our Control: Power, Identity, and Magic in Fantasy.  Conference Room 2.
Reading with N.K. Jemisin, Alaya Dawn Johnson, and Doselle Young.  I’m looking forward to hearing everyone else’s work — and hoping mine will stack up.

Saturday, 4PM – 5:15 PM: Roll to See If I Advance the Plot.  Room 629.
Panelists: F.J. Bergmann, Laurel Amberdine, and me as moderator.
From Philip K. Dick’s rumored use of the I Ching in The Man in the High Castle to Italo Calvino’s use of Tarot cards in The Castle of Crossed Destinies, authors have used a number of games of chance or other random mechanisms to come up with stories. More recently, sillier methods have come up on the Internet, like the iTunes Plot Generator or the Evil Overlord Devises A Plot. Panelists will speculate on some of the advantages and flaws of each method, and then create several stories using these techniques.  (I’m expecting this to be a fairly light and silly panel.  Hell, I should probably get some Toon Instant Plot Generator tables as well.)

Monday, 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM: The SignOut.  Capitol/Wisconsin Ballroom. 
Hell, I’ll sign anything.  Except body parts.  Even if they’re still attached.

As you can see, by Friday evening I will probably be a puddle of goo and used-up brainmeats.  (If there’s karaoke again, let me just say now to everyone who might end up in earshot: I am so very, very sorry.)  However, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and as long as I don’t get con-brain I’ll be happy to sit down and have coffee/foods/drink with anyone who asks.  

See you there!


  1. busby777 said,

    it’s more than a rumor
    — Phil used the I Ching Constantly, and he used it while writing The Man in the High castle
    ~~ Tessa Dick

    • mlronald said,

      Thank you! I should have checked my sources more carefully so that I could leave out the weasel word “rumored” — that was dumb of me.

      I need to reread it, but I remember getting a weird chill over me when I realized how it had played into the book’s plot, both within the story and outside of it.

  2. Shira Lipkin said,

    My schedule:


    See you there! 🙂

  3. mlronald said,

    Woo! See you there too!

  4. Mindy Gensler said,


    I have read your book, and I am SO excited for you!
    (Before it was featured prominently in Madison’s large MegaChain store’s SF paperback section, I was moving the extra copies over to be more prominently displayed. And, at least one of our libraries! The book is lovely…and its dedication cracked me up.

    I live in Madison! I want to see you when you are WisConning! Is this possible? You are so busy! I emailed Christa M. for your contact information. (dumbly, I didn’t think about searching for bloggy internet things). Can you email me back? Take care, Mindy, former resident of Tyler House

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