Wednesday Magic District: I has a theory

May 27, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Magic District)

A theory: I has it.

I’ll post a bit about WisCon by the end of the week (short version: it ruled; long version: it ruled hard), but for now there’s today’s Magic District post.  It’s probably just the result of an overtired brain, but it’s a theory about plot — internal and external arcs — and what drives it.  Also, I get to talk about Princess Asskicker, the Twinklestone, Lord Evil Von Nasty, and Yonkers.


  1. shadesong said,

    There’s an official show on Waltham on the 6th… I’ll get you details on the more casual thing at my house when I know more!

    Was great to see you last weekend! 🙂


    • mlronald said,

      Fantastic! Thanks!

      • shadesong said,

        Looks like she just wants to chill out and take tomorrow off… but you should definitely go to the Saturday show in Waltham!

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