Anticipation Schedule

July 30, 2009 at 7:37 pm (Appearances, Cons)

I’ve got a much fuller schedule than I expected for Anticipation, so I fully expect to be curled up in a corner, muttering to myself about buttered toast, by Saturday night at the very latest. But here’s where I’ll be for the con — at least when I’m not in my toast corner.

Transgression as Progress
Thursday, 12:30, P-511CF
Participants: jan howard finder, Lee Harris, Margaret Ronald, Shira Daemon, Kate Bachus
Does this year’s model always have to be bigger, faster, harder, darker? Are there ways to break taboos which keep the taboos shocking? Indeed, what shocks us now?

Bending Reality: The Films of Satoshi Kon
Thursday, 19:00, P-524B
Participants: Jessica Langer, L. Jagi Lamplighter, MargaretRonald, René Walling
The creator of “Millennium Actress,” “Tokyo Godfathers” and “Paprika” has carved out his own niche in anime. A look at Kon’’s off-kilter world and what makes it unique.

Writing Workshop
Friday, 11:00
Participants: Laura Anne Gilman, Margaret Ronald
Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts

You Like to Write, Now What?
Saturday, 13:00, P-510D
Participants: Amy Sisson, Jeanne Cavelos, Margaret Ronald, Peter Atwood, Merrie Haskell
What does it take for a young writer to get started? Where can you go to learn more? Some folks talk about Writing Programs they’’ve attended. What’’s the next step? What does it take to get noticed?

Saturday, 15:30
I sign books! At least that’s the theory.

Love Bites
Saturday, 21:00, P-518A
Participants: Alaya Dawn Johnson, Inanna Arthen, Margaret Ronald
More than just your normal love-bite: how did paranormal romance enter the mainstream?

Author Reading
Sunday, 12:30, P-512AE
Participants: Laura Anne Gilman, Margaret Ronald, Seanan McGuire, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Legitimizing the Woo
Sunday, 21:00, P-524B
Participants: Margaret Ronald, Eoin Colfer, Peter Watts
It is an ongoing tradition of science fiction to rehabilitate overtly fantasy tropes (vampires, zombies, fairies, god) by soaking them in SFnal rationales. What are the rules for hijacking a trope from one genre and reprogramming it for another? And why bother?


  1. auntielou said,

    Holy crap. I need buttered toast just reading about it.

    Remember to breathe! And do your best to have fun.

  2. Science in SF at the WorldCon | Genetics News said,

    […] 1hr “Legitimizing the Woo”Margaret Ronald, Eoin Colfer, Peter WattsIt is an ongoing tradition of science fiction to rehabilitate overtly […]

  3. Maura said,

    You have to come out of the toast corner, at least briefly, on Sunday for that “Legitimizing the Woo” panel. Because I need to be incredibly jealous of you being on a panel with Eoin Colfer! And jealous of Eoin Colfer getting to be on a panel with you! 🙂

  4. mlronald said,

    The Legitimizing the Woo panel was awesome — but it sadly lacked Eoin Colfer. So Peter Watts and I co-moderated, skimming back and forth between topics and, I think, entertaining the audience sufficiently. I’m mildly proud that I managed to refer to both Katamari Damacy and Real Genius in the course of it.

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