Wednesday Magic District: Identity and turkey

November 25, 2009 at 8:08 am (Magic District)

No, not identity as a turkey.  Although recently I’ve been feeling brainless enough that I might just stare up into the sky and drown on the rain falling into my open mouths, as turkeys are said to do.

Today’s Magic District is a bit navel-gazy, but it may be topical for anyone dreading certain questions over Thanksgiving dinner.  Also, it brings up an important question:


  1. Mom said,

    Thanksgiving was a great gathering and I’m sorry you missed it. Lots of story telling and laughter. Little kids (second cousins once-removed) running about and harassing the cat, friends and extended family. One relative (first cousin once-removed pointed out that our generation is now the age that our parents were for some of the favorite family gatherings. Wonder what you will be remembering twenty years from now. By the way, the pie was fantastic – nothing left for breakfast.

  2. mlronald said,

    I sometimes wonder about that too. I’ve been trying to think of what I remember from the Thanksgivings when I was in my early teens.

    Glad it was a good evening!

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