Supernatural Underground: In which I talk about imaginary friends

January 20, 2011 at 7:59 pm (Cons, Supernatural Underground)

I’ve got a Supernatural Underground post up — a little late, but still on time — about how revision is my friend. Mixed metaphors and confused imagery abound!

If the first rush of composing a new story is like the glamourous, bubbly friend who shows up with tickets to That Thing You Love and buys you tea and little chocolate pastries and gives you sparkling advice about your relationship problems, then revision is the kind of friend who will help you move, but will at the same time point out that maybe the last few life choices you’ve made have not been very good ones. Revision will tell you that no, the bandage dress doesn’t work on you, then remind you to file your taxes.

Arisia was a lot of fun, though as usual I barely got enough time with the people I wanted to see and spent far too little time just relaxing. It was also apparently “imprudent financial decision time” at the dealers’ rooms. I regret nothing.  NOTHING.


  1. geekgirl99 said,

    But the bandage dress DOES work on you!

    • mlronald said,

      Not the point!

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