Anatomy of a Revision: Day -1

April 25, 2011 at 10:28 am (Anatomy of a revision)

Having received a heap of critiques from BRAWL and elsewhere, I’m ready to sit down and fix a novel (currently designated as “SE,” though I really do need a new title even before I abbreviate it). And, in what may be a really dumb decision, I’m going to try to blog about it. Day by day — with a few missed days, very likely — I’ll post a quick blurb about what I’m working on, ideally as a checklist for myself as well as notes on how I’m going about it.

A few things about what I’m working on: this novel is currently not for a contract, so it may never see the light of day. It is, however, a setting and world and cast of characters that I’m excited about, so I’ve got plenty of reasons to persevere. BRAWL has taken it apart and given me some very good critiques, all of which I hope to incorporate. I’m going to be a little vague about plot and character details in blog posts, and some of them will probably be in incomprehensible shorthand. But this is the Internet, after all; nothing has to be completely understandable.

This blog experiment may fail worse than the Titanic crashing into the Hindenberg while Florence Foster Jenkins sings the soundtrack. But, if nothing else, it’ll be a look into my revision process, as well as a spur to keep me going.


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