Revision: Day 18

May 14, 2011 at 2:09 pm (Anatomy of a revision)

Chapter 7 gets knit together — okay, stitched clumsily, with lots of lumps — and since I have more time on my “no-internet” block*, I start in on fixing Chapter 8 as well. I add a very slimy conversation, then swap out who’s doing what. Some irrelevant questions go by the wayside as well.

Part of the problem with this chapter is that when I first wrote it, I knew I needed a defining character change in it. However, I couldn’t decide where it should go, and so I put it in several times. The result is that her development starts, screeches to a halt, resets, and then starts again. This will not do.

* I use a program called Freedom to shut off my internet-surfing capacity for a set block of time. This means that 1) the internet’s siren song is muffled for a little while and 2) I have a given amount of time that is dedicated to work. It’s amazing how useful the latter can be; I keep working till the buzzer goes (longer if I’m close to the end of a chapter), and if by some chance I finish the chapter early, then it’s on to the next one.

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