Revision: Day 22

May 18, 2011 at 1:19 pm (Anatomy of a revision)

Or not.

I sleep poorly, waking at 3:30 and staying that way till maybe half an hour before the alarm. As a a result, I’m bleary and crabby when I finally get to the computer. Still, I wrangle the three chapters into one, even if it both needs a new scene and needs to be cut down. (Yeah, I’m not sure about that either.)

There’s always a point midway through a revision where I just want to yell SCREW THIS GOING HOME and toss the manuscript over my shoulder. I don’t think I’m there yet — I’m just tired. It helps to know that the next two chapters aren’t too bad –a scene to add, then some swapping around of who talks to who when — and the two that follow them are almost perfect.

And after that? Well, I did have a few minutes to myself with my notebook earlier. I know how to precipitate one character’s second crisis of confidence, and I know two things need to happen in quick succession for the “oh crap” point of the story to work, but I’m not sure what the order should be. That’s the sort of thing I can work out over a long walk, though.

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