Revision: Days 23 and 24

May 20, 2011 at 8:26 am (Anatomy of a revision)

Day 23: Chapter 13 is complete, and more easily than I’d thought. But Chapter 14 is a bear; not only am I swapping conversations, that means the reason for each conversation now makes no sense. Plus, I’ve got extra characters still hanging around with nothing to do, so I need to write them out of the story. GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN YOU CHARACTERS YOU DON’T LIVE HERE ANY MORE

Day 24: I wonder if the increased incidence of capslock in these entries is a bad sign.

Anyway, I finish up Chapter 14 after figuring out a few elements that make more sense. It’s still rougher than I’d like, but it’s no longer a roadblock. And that leads into the two cleanest chapters so far: 15 and 16.

Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to work out the sequence of events in 17 and beyond, and it’s still eluding me. That means some more of the stare-out-windows part of the writing process. (Kate Beaton has a good illustration of one of the problems with doing this in public. Also, if you’re not reading her history comics, you need to start. Now.)

Still: more than half done and the story’s holding together.

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