Revision: Day 29

May 25, 2011 at 10:39 am (Anatomy of a revision)

Chapter 20, down! Now with more bitter regret, more actual answers, and a lot more broken glass! It is, unfortunately, a very talky chapter, but it’s fairly short, so that might balance it. I’ll know when I go through a second time.

And Chapter 21! This one I wrote a version of in the very first draft, then scrapped. But no, it really does belong here, so long as it doesn’t go off into the old long digression.

And even a start on Chapter 22! Again, the end of the chapter is right, but getting there isn’t quite in alignment — certainly not now that I’ve added all this new material. I chop out everything that isn’t needed, add an outline and segments for what will be needed, and then pause for the day. Maybe I’ll get it this evening. Or maybe I’ll put my feet up and watch something goofy.

And what’s this? Chapters 5-8, printed out and ready for line edits? And actual sunlight outside? Oh yes, I think this will do nicely.


  1. Eleanor Skinner said,

    Hi! This is the best way I’ve found of getting in touch with you.. I love your short stories and just finished Spiral Hunt. I work in a scifi/fantasy bookstore in Albany NY and was wondering if you wanted to come over and do a signing? Not sure if you can see the email and website going along with this comment, if you can’t, feel free to email the store at fof dot net at gmail dot com. Tuesdays and Sundays are best for signings, but we can work around your schedule. We can provide crash space and dinner also. 🙂

    • mlronald said,

      Oh my! I’d love to — let’s see if we can work out times. I’ll email you shortly. Thank you so much!

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