First Draft: week 4

August 12, 2011 at 10:26 am (Writing work)

Averaged about 2500 words/day this week, more if you count the lump I wrote waaaay back when and finally was able to drop into context.  It’s a little daunting to realize how long ago that was written.  Still, it fits, it’s awesome, and it means I’m closer to the end.

The trouble now is that I’ve reached the part of the book that I didn’t outline in much detail, even though I knew what must happen here in order to get to the Big Fun Splody Bits.  The detailed chapter outline that had step-by-step explanations of what happens for the earlier chapters has degenerated into “through hospital, find THINGY (decide this later!) then FOOM! and the door.”  Not exactly the most illuminating description.

The obvious solution is to take some time to outline the chapters longhand, and I’ve done that for the last couple of them.  Trouble is, when I’m writing at this speed I can easily outstrip even the longhand sections, and unless I want to stop for the day early I sometimes have to charge on ahead.  Charging on ahead, though, usually means I get stuck, as was the case with this last chapter.

It doesn’t help that I’m still figuring out who knows what when and who decides what when, which means that until I get that skeleton in place, the end of the book will have characters doing things for seemingly flimsy reasons.  This is why I don’t show the first draft to anyone.  (That, and there’s usually too much of my id in it.)

So that’s what the weekend will be for: outlines that, in theory, will bring the end into focus.  And, if I get those done, I get to noodle around with some new ideas.

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