First Draft: wooooooo

August 31, 2011 at 10:52 am (Writing work)

Well, it turns out I didn’t finish the novel in a weekend, mainly because stomping around the house in a foul mood does not translate into good creative work.  Who knew?

However, I got enough written that Monday morning I looked at the manuscript, looked at the outline, said “holy shit,” and started measuring what I’d written not in terms of words per day, but in terms of how many chapters to go.  And the chapters at this end of the book are much shorter, so they started zipping by — finish one chapter, get halfway through the next, all in one morning, then finish that chapter and write an entire new one, etc.  In terms of wordcount, it probably isn’t up there, but right now, who cares?  Novel’s done!

Well, the first draft is.  And the first third needs to be wrenched into place with the new changes I cooked up halfway through.  And at least two chapters have to go.  And . . . you get the idea.  But the draft is done.  Now I’d normally sit back and not think about anything for a little while, but I’ve had a couple of short story ideas that are starting to clamor now that I have writing space again.

And speaking of short stories, I’ll have a new one out next week in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  “Salvage” is something of a follow-up to “A Serpent in the Gears,” as that teaser shows, but it’s a very different story.  (Cue the Evil Author laughter.)


  1. Timothy Baron said,

    Jeez, I’ve been anticipating a followup to “A Serpent in the Gears” for years. I look forward to this!

    Congratulations on completing your draft!

    • mlronald said,

      Thanks! I hope you like it — I’ve been working on more with these characters, but whether it sees print is another matter. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. victoriajanssen said,

    YAY DRAFT!!!

    • mlronald said,

      Yaaaaay! There ended up being no pitcher of margaritas, but I did briefly have a suitably awesome hat.

  3. Kristin Janz said,

    Yay, congratulations on finishing the first draft! I hope we’ll get to read it soon at BRAWL. And it’s great to hear that “Salvage” is coming out–that was a great story, if it’s the one I’m thinking of (I’m very bad at remembering titles).

    • mlronald said,

      It’s certainly not ready for consumption yet, and I suspect I’ll have to provide a copy of what’s changed since the one you read…but I hope BRAWL likes it!

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