Arisia schedule

January 11, 2012 at 11:37 am (Cons)

Revision updates will be coming shortly — I’m cheating and giving myself a few days’ worth of leeway.  Yes, that means I won’t quite be revising in real time, unless the dates catch up to me.

In other news, I’ll be at Arisia this coming weekend, happily geeking out.  I’m even on a few panels, but the timing is a bit…odd.

Saturday, 11:30pm: The Moral Aesthetics of Steampunk
Steampunk is frequently realized as an idealized, shiny version of the Victorian era, with quite a few of the nasty bits missing or obscured. The real Victorian age was a mix of great wealth and progress with poverty, workhouses, and more. What does it say about us when the latter are left out?James L. Cambias, April Grant (m), Israel Peskowitz, Margaret Ronald, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Sunday, 10:00pm: Consistent Magic Systems in Fantasy
Magic is mysterious and ancient, and its workings are often beyond the understanding of mere mortals, but that doesn’t mean that magic doesn’t have rules. Every fantasy saga has its own rules for magic, and its own explanations for how the magical arts work. Where does magic come from? Who can use magic, and how? Do regular non-magic users know it exists?Vikki Ciaffone (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Joshua Palmatier, Margaret Ronald, David Sklar

Monday, 10:00am: Boston in SF/F
What genre books, movies, and TV shows have used Boston for a location? What characteristics make Boston a good setting for an SF/F story? Stephanie Clarkson, Christopher Davis (m), Ken Gale, Margaret Ronald

Yes, you read that right: two late-night panels, followed by an early Monday panel.  I may not be at my best this Arisia.  (This is what happens when I only glance at my panels when the preliminary program comes out; I read 11:30 and immediately thought 11:30am.  Oh well, too late to argue now!)

Off to revise more, maybe fix the short story that BRAWL looked at last month, and figure out why one of the popular search terms leading to my blog is “the awkward moment when Neville Longbottom is suddenly the hot one.” Not that I’m arguing. I love me some Neville.


  1. Auntielou said,

    Wish I could be there — especially the first one. Heaven help me, I’ve gotten interested!

  2. Florian said,

    I found your blog by searching for “the awkward moment when Neville Longbottom is suddenly the hot one.” I was looking for this image which I then found elsewhere.

    • mlronald said,

      Wow. That’s…some Neville. Thanks!

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