Arisia and revision

January 17, 2012 at 9:06 am (Cons, Writing work)

Arisia was lovely, as usual. I met some new and interesting people, managed not to sound like a total idiot even late at night, and fangirled the Foglios. (My inner squealing fangirl is not very inner.)

And then there’s the revision posts. So here’s the thing: I started revisions last week, intending to give myself a couple of days’ cushion. I now have five days’ worth of posts.

I’m also just about halfway done with this revision.

I honestly did not expect it to go this quickly. This is the third draft, and while it’s not the last revision by any means (that’ll happen after I give this to BRAWL, so that I can incorporate their critiques) it’s still not a trivial revision. Either I’m getting better at this, or this draft really is that easy.

So I’ll start posting what I’ve got tomorrow, and we’ll see just how long this draft takes.

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  1. Karen Mahoney said,

    *waits patiently for revision posts*


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