More revisions: day two

January 19, 2012 at 11:17 am (Writing work)

Blocking out a full hour and a half of solid writing time works.  Three points of view today, one of which is not in very good shape (character-wise, not narrative-wise — I do awful things to my narrators), and I make it through Chapter Five.  This revision is going more quickly than I’d expected.  Wonder when it’s going to fall apart.

Comments from the MS:

Need a physical description of this character
Describe effect of [thing] ONLY here
Add from p. 92
Make sure not redundant w/ch. 1
Awkward phrasing (all over the damn manuscript)
Check earlier form of address
Remove name of house through MS
Add notes on novel vs reality
Cut, condense (lather, rinse, repeat…)


  1. Mary Alexandra Agner said,

    I may be mis-remembering, but I think you’ve listed the need to refrain from describing a thing more than once. I’m finding that fascinating. Is that part of making sure the reader only gets certain information when you need them to?

    • mlronald said,

      Yes and no. Sometimes it’s a matter of keeping track of information. Sometimes it’s because I’ve described the same thing too many times (in first drafts, I’m sometimes uncertain where to put a description, so I add it several times). Sometimes it’s a matter of pacing. And sometimes it’s just that the description is hammering on it too much (i.e., yes, her dress is torn, we get it already). It’s a matter of where I want the reader’s attention, and if I’m repeatedly drawing it back to an irrelevant description, it’ll be frustrating.

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