More revisions, day seven

January 24, 2012 at 7:37 pm (Writing work)

I was right; two chapters take up all of my allotted writing time, plus an extra half hour. It’s worth it, though; I pare down a lot of redundant conversation, add a scene that not only provides a way of showing what I’d been telling the reader in the first draft, but sets up the next scene fairly well.

I ended up removing a totally gratuitous shirtless scene in this chapter in the first round of revisions, and I thought I’d miss it more.  Nope, made the right decision.

Even with today’s slowdown, I’m still about two-thirds done with this draft.  I did not expect to be here so soon.  It’s making me impatient to get the whole thing done, which is not a good thing.

Comments from the manuscript:
(Weird situation here: I had several pages with no changes, but on rereading I decided they were entirely irrelevant and collapsed them down to a paragraph.  Go me?)
Need a beat or something before the attack
Really? (This happens when my first draft has only the barest idea of how something works.  Second draft gets cranky.)
Let him state what the problem is instead of what isn’t
These are excuses, not reasons
Need an actual plan here, not handwavy (from either me or the character)
He’s never seen [X], no comparison (Curse you, limited point of view!)
Gloss — a day passes
20th century slang in wrong era

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