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March 20, 2012 at 8:00 am (Writing work)

After a lovely weekend in which we celebrated Piemas (the holiday when everyone sits around and eats pie), I’ve decided to try to update a little more in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, there are two stumbling blocks: I’m currently composing a first draft — and we’ve seen how well I do with blogging first drafts — and BRAWL will be giving me comments on a novel manuscript at the end of the week.  Or, more accurately, they’ll be handing me a heap of shredded pages and some very kind but adamant critiques.  Funny, but the closer I get to the crit session, the more I’m convinced that this draft really wasn’t up to snuff, and I’m going to get my butt kicked for it.

Of course the next step is to remove butt from floor, dust off, and revise — but waiting for that kick is a little annoying.

In the meantime, though, I’m planning to post a bit this week, probably on research and structure.  Between that and this first-draft work, I might be able to keep my mind off the crit.

And I should make more pie.  Because pie is always good.  Sometimes strange (the margarita pie?  the “liquid pie”  cocktail from a few years back?  the rabbit-and-crayfish pie with crayfish sticking out of the top?), but always good.  Even if I’m just regarding it from a distance (those crayfish were looking at me funny, I swear).

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“Sunlight Society” up!

March 1, 2012 at 9:40 pm (Stories online)

As usual, I mean to put a con report up, then completely fail to do so.  Boskone was wonderful, full of delightful conversation and connection and, on Saturday night at least, some really dreadful puns on my part.  I regret nothing.

What I do regret is being remiss in not announcing this earlier today: I have a new short story up at Clarkesworld Magazine!  “Sunlight Society” is a little outside my usual scope.  It’s a superhero story…sort of.

When the Fourth Street biolab went up, I didn’t think of Casey right away. I was working in the far side of the complex, which meant I was one of about four hundred people who got to see the entire dome rise up off its foundations, rotate counterclockwise ninety degrees, and shoot up into the sky.

For those of you who use ebooks, Clarkesworld offers ebook subscriptions.  They’re well worth it.  Hope you enjoy it!

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