Been a while.

October 17, 2016 at 9:26 pm (Stories online)

And it’s likely to be a while more, I’m afraid.  Between work, grad school, and a very energetic little girl who really wants to negotiate the terms of this whole “bedtime” concept, I’m a little swamped.

That doesn’t mean I’m not writing, though.  Just to pull from the list:

That top one is just out today, and it’s my attempt at a Beauty and the Beast story.  Of sorts.  With a gorgeous illustration by Aud Koch, who saw it so much more clearly than I did and captured it all.


  1. Mary Alexandra Agner said,

    I survived VPXX! And would love to chat sometime if you’re ever on this side of the river 🙂

  2. joannalisfw said,

    Dear Margaret Ronald, I’m Joanne Li, an editor of SF World magazine. We’d like to publish”And Then, One Day, the Air was Full of Voices ” into Chinese. But I could not find your email. Could you please rewrite to

  3. -blessed holy said,

    Q: Why else does a moth fly from the night to a bold, attractive candle Light?
    A: Dont let His extravagant
    brilliance be extinguished, earthling.
    You’re creative, yes?
    Then, fly-away with U.S. to the antidote.

    Google+: kold_kadavr_ flatliner

  4. David Samuels said,

    Hi! Are you still around? I’d like to discuss Silence in Blue Glass. Love the fusion between fantasy and mystery

    • mlronald said,

      I am still around – just a lot quieter than before. (Grad school and a kiddo will do that.) I’m glad you like it, and I’d be happy to discuss it!

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