The lobster reigns supreme

December 24, 2012 at 9:33 am (Stories in print, Stories online, The Internet Is Full of Things)

First things first: I am thrilled to announce that “The Governess and the Lobster,” originally published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, will be included in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2013, edited by Rich Horton.  I am incredibly honored to be in such company, and especially with such a fun little story as this one.  (It’s also more fodder for my theory that some of my best stories come from writing down whatever damnfool first sentence pops up and going from there.)

But that’s not the only lobster-related piece of news.  Look what arrived in the mail recently, surrounded by the detritus of the day’s post!

hello there

lobtsterYes, it’s a mechanical lobster!  My very own mechanical lobster, here to sit on my desk and glare balefully at unwanted mail. The wonderful and talented AuntieLou gave it to me in November, and it’s just taken me so dratted long to get the photos together.

This is absolutely delightful.  I couldn’t ask for a better gift.  Thank you, AuntieLou, and thanks to all of you who’ve read my stories.  May you all have a joyous New Year and may the holiday season bring you joy and, if you like, eggnog.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to feed the lobtster lobster what it likes best.

feed the lobster

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Love and auctions. Also, a sandwich.

February 14, 2012 at 10:19 am (The Internet Is Full of Things)

I have my Boskone schedule — I think the programming folks must have a defunct email address for me, because I didn’t realize I was on a whopping six items (four panels, a reading, and a game) until the preliminary program went up. Whoops. I’ll have it up tomorrow, because today is a holiday.

That’s right — it’s Half-Price Candy Day Eve! Tomorrow, all sorts of tasty chocolate in foil wrappers of varying shades of pink will be on sale. Even if you’re like me and end up ogling the Cadbury Creme Eggs instead (with their insides so goopy and sweet and possibly not actually meant as foodstuffs), Half-Price Candy Day is an important yearly event.

In honor of said candy, here are a few links:
Keep the…uh…lupercal in Lupercalia?
The sandwich that means I love you. (Seriously, read this. It is relevant to your interests. I promise you.)

And speaking of sharing the love, the Con or Bust auctions have opened! So if you want some beautiful signed first editions, unique jewelry, tasty foodstuffs, or a chance to make Genevieve Valentine watch and report on your favorite bizarre movie, go and bid!

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October 31, 2011 at 8:21 am (The Internet Is Full of Things)

I’ve been working on a few more projects: revision, new ideas, and figuring out where this new short story goes after I set everything on fire.  (Really, after you’ve set everything on fire, the story should be at an end, but it isn’t.  Maybe I need to move the fire.) I’ve also discovered that Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable is the paper ancestor of TV Tropes — I can spend hours going from cross-reference to cross-reference, only to remember after I’m done that I really did have something to look up in the first place.

I’m unlikely to be dressing up for Halloween, sadly; we don’t get many trick-or-treaters at our house, and I have few other excuses.  But in the spirit of the season, here are some beautiful and chilling comics from Emily Carroll.  I first found these last year with “His Face All Red,” and spent a good long time shivering after reading it.

Out the Door (just one page)

His Face All Red (several pages, keep following the links at the bottom)

Margot’s Room (five parts, all linked from this central page; follow the rhyme at the top for the order)

What spooky stories do you share on Halloween?  What gives you a chill?


(and if all that was too much spookiness, here, have a duck.)

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Supernatural Underground post

December 27, 2010 at 12:00 pm (Supernatural Underground, The Internet Is Full of Things)

We’re up to our necks in snow here (okay, only in a few drifts, but it sure feels like that deep), and so what’s the natural thing to do when snowed in a few days after Christmas?

You might think it’d be to curl up playing Xbox games with the resident organist and eating gingerbread cookies for breakfast, but you’d be wrong.

Well, partly wrong.

Okay, so it’s my first impulse too, but it’s not what I’m doing right now.  Instead, I’ve posted on the Supernatural Underground group blog — a haven for the Harper paranormal authors — and talked a little bit about hearing voices.  Character voices, specifically.

Go on and take a look.  Me, I’ve got work to do — that snow needs shoveling, and the gingerbread keeps giving me funny looks.

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A few changes

December 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm (The Internet Is Full of Things)

As you can see, I’ve finally started tinkering with how I want this blog to look.  I’ve updated the bibliography (good Lord, that was old) and streamlined a few things, but it’s substantially the same.

To top it off, I’ve finally joined Facebook.  In terms of Internet privacy, this is probably a bad thing, and I’m afraid I’m going to be stumbling through it for the next few days, trying to figure out how it works.  I don’t think I’ll ever be very active on it — at least I hope I won’t be, considering the potential it has to be a hideous timesink.  And since there’s this manuscript that needs work (and the short story, and the other short story, and the other manuscript…) I think I’ll need to watch my time carefully.  So that means no Farmville.  Probably.

And why am I doing all this?  Well, there’s this book coming out…and more about that later today!

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“Steampunk Reloaded” giveaway

November 4, 2010 at 7:09 am (Stories in print, The Internet Is Full of Things)

Those of you who aren’t thoroughly sick of steampunk may remember that “A Serpent in the Gears” was picked up by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer’s Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded anthology, and the release date for that anthology is at hand!  Again, I’m honored and flattered to be part of this, and my inner geek — which has never been very inner to begin with — has been frothing at the mouth every time I see who else is in the anthology.  Catherynne Valente!  William Gibson!  Cherie Priest!  Sydney Padua! (And apparently there’s a Mecha-Ostrich…oh my.)

If I were feeling magnanimous, I’d arrange to give away a copy here on the blog. As it is, though, I’m letting someone else be magnanimous for me.  Beneath Ceaseless Skies is giving away a signed copy, in conjunction with Genevieve Valentine’s story “Bread and Circuses.” To make things even better, today’s issue also features Anne Cross’ “The Popinjay’s Daughter.” Anne is a member of BRAWL, and it’s great to see her work out there in the world.  Especially in BCS, which is a magazine I love.

I don’t yet have my contributor’s copy (though I can sense it on its way…’scuse me, gotta mop up the drool), but damn, this is a beautiful book.  You want a copy, right?  So go read the rules for the contest, then do whatever you have to so that you can have Steampunk Reloaded delivered straight to your door. I can’t promise that it will be hand-delivered by a goggle-eyed brass automaton who has just descended by jetpack from an airship that hovers ponderously above your house while from its many phonograph speakers thunder the strains of a jaunty melody of the sort that would make Charles Babbage develop a nasty twitch…but I can certainly imply it.

…Or you could, you know, buy a copy, if you want to do it the boring way.  But that way, when you win the free copy from BCS, you’ll have two!  And then you can put them in a box together and make them fight…hang on, I just remembered why I’m not supposed to post before coffee.

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Puppies! But not the angry kind.

September 21, 2010 at 8:11 am (The Internet Is Full of Things)

Still working on Dirty Water, still spinning out Breath of the World, still trying to come up with a title for the short story that blindsided me on Friday.  In the meantime, though, PUPPIES!

(Yes, this is very much procrastinating.  I don’t care.)

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Talking serpents

September 15, 2010 at 8:06 am (Stories online, The Internet Is Full of Things)

There’s a fascinating discussion about “A Serpent in the Gears” over at Torque Control, and while I’m a little nervous about having my story under such scrutiny (especially because it follows two very serious and thoughtful stories, both of which outclass mine by far), I’m honored that they chose it.  The different perspectives on it make for interesting reading, as well as food for thought as I continue work on Breath of the World.

If you’re interested, go take a look.  And hey, “The Guilt Child” is coming out on the 23rd, so if this venture into steampunk didn’t turn you off completely, you may want to take a look when it’s up.

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Write all the things!

September 12, 2010 at 3:19 pm (Appearances, Cons, Stories online, The Internet Is Full of Things)

A few notes on upcoming appearances, stories, and work:

– This coming Saturday, I’ll be part of a group reading at Pandemonium Books and Games in Central Square to celebrate Strange Horizons tenth anniversary.  Ten SH authors will be reading from their works, followed by questions, talk, and general “wooo great magazine!”-ness.  The fun starts at 2:00 PM — if you’re in the area and would like to hear some awesome science fiction and fantasy, come join us!  If you can’t make it, but would still like to join in the celebration in spirit, consider donating to Strange Horizonsannual fund drive. You might even win one of their fantastic donor prizes!

– I’m going to be at New York Comic-Con again, this time on a panel discussing shapeshifters.  (The big question I want answered: how many authors on the panel are dog people, and how many are cat people?  Three guesses which I am.)  I’ll post more once I’m sure of my schedule — maybe this time I’ll sneak out and play tourist for a while!

– If you liked “A Serpent in the Gears” and wanted to read more set in that world, I’ve got a new short story coming out in a couple of weeks in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  “The Guilt Child” focuses on an entirely different set of characters, but it’s the same world, and I love these characters just as much.  (Funny, how so much of my writing derives from a desire to introduce people to these amazing characters.  Evie, Charles, the Professora . . . and now Carla and Stamper.)

– In no particular order, I still need to:

  • get my preparations started for Viable Paradise (I’m staff again this year)
  • update my bibliography (which still lists Wild Hunt as forthcoming — yikes!)
  • update the whole site so it’s better suited to my needs
  • get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis
  • attempt to clean before the dust mites grow to the size of my head
  • write ALL the things

Whether I’ll actually manage any of this is another matter, since between the obligations listed above, hammering out a first draft of Dirty Water, assembling the first draft of Breath of the World (keep in mind all titles listed are so very very changeable), chasing down the short stories that keep popping up whenever I try to work out more worldbuilding details, I don’t have much brain left.  And most of that is in a permanent state of “awww” due to my new nephew, my response to whom pretty much matches this.

It’s gonna be one hell of a month.  Totally worth it, though.

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Things I don’t have to make up

July 14, 2010 at 6:55 am (The Internet Is Full of Things)


No, not going the Dan Brown route.  But it’s still something to consider for future stories.

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Still here

April 28, 2010 at 7:47 am (Appearances, The Internet Is Full of Things, Wild Hunt)

I’m still here, just terrible at blogging.  I’m actually trying to sort out why I have such a weird response to putting my thoughts out on the Net, and with any luck I’ll be able to turn that into another post.  Maybe later this week.

In the meantime, there’s a very nice review of Wild Hunt on  I had one of those “Oh God!  The Internet found me!” moments discovering it — I clicked over to just out of curiosity, saw the cover of Wild Hunt, made a sound audible only to bats, and shut down my browser before I could read any of it.  Normally I don’t have that panicked a reaction to reviews, I swear, but this one caught me by surprise.  But personal neurotic author reaction aside, it’s a great review, and I’m glad they saw fit to post it.

On an entirely unrelated note, I’ll be at the Danvers Literary Festival on Saturday, May 8, as part of a panel on fantasy.  I’m not yet sure what we’ll be discussing within that topic — for all I know, the moderator will bring a stopwatch, point at each of us, and yell “FIVE PROFOUND THOUGHTS ON FANTASY!  GO!”  That might be entertaining in itself, even though my five profound thoughts would probably consist mostly of “wha?” and “do what now?”

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Hello, writers

March 3, 2010 at 8:59 am (The Internet Is Full of Things)

Hello, writers.
Look at your manuscript.
Now back to your bookshelves.
Now back at your manuscript.
Now back to your bookshelves.
Sadly, your manuscript isn’t a book on those shelves.
But with the help of Viable Paradise, the one-week writers’ workshop, it could have a better shot at being a book on those shelves.
Look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
You’re on Martha’s Vineyard, at the workshop that could turn your manuscript into grade-A material.
What’s in your hand?
Back at me.
I have it.
It’s an oyster, with critiques from some of the top writers and editors in the field.
Look again.
The manuscript is now a diamond-encrusted Hugo award.
Anything is possible with Viable Paradise.
I’m on a horse.

(If this makes absolutely no sense to you, see here. It won’t make much more sense, but it’ll explain the word choice at least.  Standard disclaimers apply, not all Hugo awards are diamond-encrusted, etc.)

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Big Idea: The urban part of urban fantasy

January 26, 2010 at 10:30 pm (The Internet Is Full of Things, Wild Hunt)

John Scalzi has again been kind enough to let me post a Big Idea essay on the Whatever — this time, about Wild Hunt, cities, and the magic of new places.  Go and take a look — or, if you’re coming here from that article, hello and welcome!  I’m afraid I’m unlikely to have anything new for you for a little while, since I’m still stuck in a revision, but some of my fiction is linked in the sidebar, and some below — I’d particularly recommend “A Serpent in the Gears” just because I love it so (and because it’s not yet linked — I am terrible at updating my bibliography) or the novel writing text adventures.  Or, if you’d like to read more authors talking about their work, take a look at The Magic District.

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Interviews: Stealth nerd and difficult writing

January 21, 2010 at 10:44 pm (The Internet Is Full of Things, Wild Hunt)

Part of the problem with being stuck head down in novel revisions is that I miss the fun stuff.  (The important stuff is harder to miss, and aside from repeatedly banging my head into a wall Tuesday night, I’m dealing with it.)

But belated as this is, I need to get off my hinder and post about two very kind bloggers who asked me to be interviewed on their sites.  Two interviews are online: Sci-Fi Fan Letter (in which I talk about the difficult parts of writing and decide not to live in my made-up world) and Over the Edge (in which I confess my identity as a stealth nerd (okay, those of you who know me are now wondering how “stealth” plays any part in my nerdiness) and give some examples from the internal soundtrack for Wild Hunt).

I’m really grateful to both sites for inviting me to their interviews, and I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to posting about it.  Funny, how the Internet can both keep me from the novel work and the novel can keep me from the Internet…or maybe it’s just about procrastinating no matter what.

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