Holy crap.

March 19, 2013 at 6:09 am (Wild Hunt)

Holy crap.  The FBI says they’ve identified the Gardner Museum thieves.

Those of you who’ve read Wild Hunt will know why this is such a big deal for me.  I suppose it’s a risk when working with real-life situations and mysteries that one of them might be solved after the book comes out.  Hard to regret it, though.  (And hey, it’s not like I haven’t run into this before — I remember having to revise an early draft of Spiral Hunt after the Sox won the World Series, which till then had been a major plot point.)

I am so going to be following this story.  And I really hope they get the paintings back, and that they’re in good condition.  Those frames have been empty far too long.


  1. Ken said,

    Hi, I just finished reading “Wild Hunt” and wanted to say Thank You. I found that it was not just an enjoyable story but rather one that drew me into the story as it unfolded.
    Thanks again, I will now have to get a copy of the Spiral Hunt and find out what preceded this book.

    • mlronald said,

      Thanks very much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it — I had a lot of fun writing it. (And, for that matter, researching it! There’s so much material to draw on, and I only scratched the surface.)

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